Thursday June 09, 2022

Controlled My Fear After Stepping into Politics

Former Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan once again referred to India in the context of keeping its ties open with Russia — in an interview with Piers Morgan. Touching upon the issue of Imran Khan’s controversial visit to the Kremlin just when Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the special military operation on Ukraine which turned into a raging war, Imran Khan said he believes that had Putin realised what was going to happen, Putin would not have started the war.

“I promise you I had no idea of what was going to happen. I was there for only one night. Countries like us which have a huge population should have relationships with all countries and make policies that benefit its people just like what India is doing right now,” Imran Khan said.

As Piers Morgan asked him why the trip was not aborted after Russia declared the war, Imran Khan said he had only an hour to make the decision. The meeting with Putin was already scheduled within an hour after he came to know about the military operation. “We thought is it going to make any difference if Pakistan condemns Russia…,” Imran Khan said adding that he is against all military operations and had also given a statement in Moscow that military operation is never the solution.

“I am sure if Putin realised what was happening, he would not have started the war,” Imran Khan said.

“But now do you condemn Putin’s war?” Piers Morgan asked Imran Khan. “I am against all military operations be it in Iraq, Afghanistan and in Ukraine,” Imran Khan said.

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