Wednesday December 01, 2021

CNG Stations Closed In Sindh and Balochistan For Two And Half Months From Today

KARACHI: Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and RLNG stations in whole of Sindh and Balochistan closed for two-and-half months from today to February 15.

A decision has been taken to keep the CNG stations closed in the province from December 1st to February 15, Sui Southern Gas Company( SSGC) spokesperson stated.

“The CNG stations are being closed to ensure gas supply to the domestic consumers,” according to the SSGC statement.

Earlier in a notification the SSGC said that “Due to short supply of gas, its availability has decreased and there is a possibility of low gas pressure in SSGCL system.”

This winter is being expected a challenging time for the gas consumers, especially the households, which have to suffer most in the crisis situation.

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