Tuesday October 05, 2021

CM Balochistan Given Deadline till 5pm Today To Resign

BALOCHISTAN: The ongoing political crisis in Balochistan has been arisen as a group of the Balochistan Awami Party s (BAP) disgruntled members and some from its coalition partners in the provincial government on Tuesday gave Chief Minister (CM) Jam Kamal a deadline of 5pm Wednesday (today) to resign from his post.

The angry members of the Balochistan Assembly, including provincial ministers, held a joint press conference.

Balochistan Finance Minister Zahoor Buledi from among the disgruntled members said during a conference that 11 BAP members and some from other parties in the province s coalition government had expressed a lack of confidence in the chief minister. “The reason for this lack of confidence is the growing unrest in the province,” he added.

Buledi said CM Jam Kamal had earlier been given two weeks to resign as the chief minister, “but instead of resigning, he tried to give an impression in his social media posts that there were differences among us. Now the chief minister should end his stubbornness and resign from his post not wasting any more time.”

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