Wednesday May 25, 2022

Clashes Reported Between Police And PTI Workers In Lahore, Scores Of PTI Workers Sustained Injuries

Lahore: Clashes reported between police and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) activists and workers at Bati roundabout of Lahore on Wednesday.

The PTI’s woman leader Yasmine Rashid vehicle passed from the Metro station while breaking all the blockade.

PTI’s workers pelting stones on police are continued. The clash started when the PTI workers started removing barricade to leave for Islamabad at Bati roundabout of Lahore. To which Police initiated shelling on the PTI workers, while the PTI workers in the lead of Dr Yasmin Rashid, Shafqat Mahmood and Hammad Azhar climbed on containers.

The activists in respond of the police shelling commenced pelting stones on the police after which the area became a battle ground.

The police fired hundreds of shells of tear gas on the PTI workers and activists after which scores of PTI workers condition deteriorated. While the police have arrested more than two dozens of the PTI activists and supporters.

The government has closed all the educational institutes of Punjab while examinations in different cities of the province have also been cancelled.

The government has called police, Rangers and FC for the capital while all the roads leading up to the red zones have been sealed. Owing to which, the people of the city are facing immense difficulties.

On the other hand, the Punjab government has arrested central and local PTI leaders and activists including Mahmood Ur Rasheed, Senator Aijaz Chaudhry.

It is pertinent to mention here that PTI chairman will leave for Islamabad for the Long March from Peshawar. The government has closed the border area between Punjab and KP completely closed by erecting continuers at the place of Attockkhurd.

The government has closed down various highways and roads in different cities of Punjab to stop Long March of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) while internal and external pathways of Islamabad have also been sealed.

Sri Nagar Highway in G-13 area of Islamabad has been closed by erecting containers on both the sides while containers have been erected at Faizabad Interchange. Islamabad highway was closed through placing containers at the Gulberg bridge.

Public transport from Rwat to Islamabad have completely closed. The roads and highways coming from Texla and Wah Cantt to Islamabad and Rawalpindi are closed.

The ground connection of Rawalpindi, Jahlum and Chakwal have been disconnected from all the districts. While the important highways of Rawalpindi region have been sealed almost from 23 points.

The police attacked the vehicle of Dr Yasmin Rashid owing to which her vehicle glasses shattered, however, she succeeded to leave the place safely.

The government of Punjab has closed internal and external roads of Lahore by erecting containers for making the PTI long march fail. Owing to which, long ques of vehicles can be witnessed at Babu Sabu and Bati Roundabout in Lahore.

The closure of Ravi bridge and other pathways, the citizens of Lahore have started using boats to reach local destinations while the district administration started mulling to close the boats.

Dozens of containers, loading trucks have been erected at all the important roads including Ravi bridge, GT road in Punjab. Due to which it is feared that air travel can be suffered.

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