Friday May 06, 2022

Can Give Islamabad March Call After May 20: Imran Khan

MIANWALI: PTI Chairman Imran Khan on Friday told his party’s workers to remain prepared as he would announce the final date for the long march to Islamabad any day after May 20.

Addressing a gathering in his hometown, the former minister said that he is starting the Haqeeqi Azad Tehreek (real independence movement) from Mianwali.

He said that the people of Mianwali elected him for the first time and he will never forget them. He said a sea of people would reach the capital to demand only one thing – elections. “Let people decide who will rule us. We will not accept any imported government.”

The PTI chairman announced that he would give a call to the nation for the Islamabad march anytime after May 20. He said since all party workers would not be able to reach the capital on the day of the long march, they should instead protest in Mianwali.

“This is the matter of Pakistan. I want everyone, young, old, women, children to come to Islamabad to tell this boot-polisher that slavery and the imported government is unacceptable and demand to hold elections.”

Referring to Shahbaz Gill’s accident, Imran warned the government from harming any PTI worker in the future, or else he would hold “three stooges and their handlers” responsible.

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