Tuesday August 16, 2022

Businessman of Pakistan Organise Seminar In Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: Businessmen of Pakistan have said that our country has become an experimental laboratory, now these experiments should be stopped until there is political stability in the country, the economic situation cannot improve in any case.

Islamabad Chamber of Commerce organized an all-party conference for the restoration of Pakistan’s economy. The representatives of all political parties across the country excluding PTI participated in the conference.

Addressing the conference, Finance Minister Miftah Ismail said that politicians, and the business community all have to play their role for the development of this country.

Federal Minister Ahsan Iqbal hailed the conference for the restoration of the economy and said that the leadership of the country whose economy is weak spends its time in negotiations with the IMF. Zaman Kaira said that we have to move from the past to the permanent, only then the problems will be solved.

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