Thursday August 11, 2022

Bani Gala Gang Run Campaign Against Pakistan Army: Uzma Reply To Chohan

Lahore: The PML-N spokeswoman for Punjab, Uzma Bukhari, on Thursday (today), responding on a statement of CM Punjab spokesman Fayyaz Ul Hassan Chohan, said that ‘Bani Gala’ gang run an organized campaign against Pakistan Army adding that Imran Khan himself is the master mind of inciting hatred against the army among the people.

The Punjab spokeswoman of the PML-N,Uzma Bukhari said that untill the army was standing with the PTI, it was patriotic.

Today a campaign is being run against the army in his (Imran Khan) leadership, she said.

Uzma Bukhari said that Adyala jail is the last resort of Imran Khan and he should prepare for it.

She referring Chohan, “your leader theft caught, it is proved in the foreign funding case that the PTI received funds from the USA, India and Israel.”

The spokeswoman said that the product of foreign funding party’s foreign agenda exposed badly.

She claimed that now Imran Khan is deprieved of sleep at night owing to the fear of his disqualification.

Uzma said that when the conspiracy was being hatched against Nawaz Sharif then Imran Khan was a central character of it.

She said that no any one can hatch conspiracy against Imran Khan, he is enough to hatch a conspiracy against himself.

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