Monday September 12, 2022

Army, Civil Administration Joint Efforts Save 500 KV Grid Station In Dadu

Dadu: A grid station in Dadu has saved from drowning after joint efforts of Pakistan army, rangers and civil administration.

After continuing 36 hours of work a protective dam has been established on a distance of 2.4 km from the dam.

Owing to the construction of dam the grid station in Dadu remained save from flood waters.

Making the dam in surrounding of the dam not only the grid station remained save but also provision to electricity to the area not suspended.

All plants equipment of Pakistan Army and engineers core were deputed the task while the people of the area have thanked the Pakistan army.

The flood water released from the Manchar lake crossing the ring dam of Dadu was heading towards the population which feared to 500 KV grid station.

Prime Minister had ordered to save the grid station yesterday. Prime Minister had ordered to save the grid station by utilizing every resources to Pakistan army and civil administration.

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