Sunday October 03, 2021

Archaeological,Historical Talajah Fort Discovered In Punjab’s Soan Valley

LAHORE: Talajah Fort has been discovered in Punjab Soan Valley .

University of the Punjab’s Archaeology Department Chairman Dr Muhammad Hameed said that according to the local traditions, the newly discovered Talajah Fort was built 5,000 years ago but, according to preliminary research, it was about two thousand years old.

The architecture of the houses and the artifacts discovered in Talajah Fort gave the traces that the Muslim population was settled there.

It was a presumption that archaeological and historical sites before the Muslim era in South Asia could also be discovered from Talajah Fort, he added.

He said that according to the local tradition, Muslims lived in the fort before the arrival of Jalaluddin Khawarizmi, the ruler of Central Asia.

He said that the discovery of Talajah Fort could reveal many facts for the archaeologists besides promoting tourism.

The discovery and preservation of thousands of years old archaeological and historical sites in Punjab are being carried out with a vision to promote tourism, according to official sources.

As a result of archaeologists’ successful expedition, thousands of years old authentic artifacts had been discovered at Talajah Fort in Soan Valley.

The archaeologists further disclosed that a research team had also discovered engraved manuscript on the stones of Mehmood Ghaznavi era during an excavation in Nandana Fort.

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