Thursday June 16, 2022

Amber Heard’s Interview Adds to Her Worries

Amber Heard has talked about her experience in an interview after losing defamation trial against Johnny Depp, saying majority of this was played out on social media.

The 36-year-old actress, during her chat with Savannah Guthrie, said: “The vast majority of this trial was played out on social media. I think that this trial is an example of that gone haywire, gone amok. The jury’s not immune to that.”

She added: “Even the most well-intentioned juror, it would have been impossible to avoid this.”

According to some legal experts, the actress has invited more troubles with her interview as she alleged jurors, social media, some witnesses, Depp’s lawyers and also repeated allegations against her ex-husband.

Depp’s fans and other social media users also slammed her claims. And an anonymous juror on the multimillion-dollar defamation trial between the ex-couple has also broken his silence to reveal that Heard’s “ice-cold” testimony was perceived as “crocodile tears” by the panel.

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