Sunday August 22, 2021

All The Religous Parties United To Avoid Sectarian Dispute

Hyderabad: All the religious parties and clerics of different sects united together to avoid spread of sectarian dispute while clerics have declared Indian conspiracy behind sectarian strife and chaos and appealed the masses to establish consensus and unity among their ranks.

Chief of Milli Yakjahti Conference (MYC) Sahibzada Abul Khair Muhammad Zubair along with other clerics hold a presser in Hyderabad and said that a conspiracy hatched try to spread religious riots which was foiled timely by all the clerics of different sects joining together.

The clerics said that facing failure in Afghanistan India wanted to spread ethnic and religious riots adding that we have to mutually thwart the well- conceived plan of Indian sabotage and we have to establish unity and consensus among the masses so that the enemy could not achieve its aims.

They said that clerics of all different school of thoughts should kick out miscreants in their ranks adding that those who insult sacred personality should be handed over to law enforcement agencies.

The clerics said that the social media is bigger source for spreading religous choas while they demanded the government institutions to keep strict eye on the social media.

They also demanded to block facebook accounts and whatsapp group responsible for spreading mischief should be blocked so that law and order situation in the country is maintained

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