Monday April 04, 2022

Aleem Khan Exposes PTI

LAHORE: Former provincial minister Abdul Aleem Khan said on Monday while throwing challenge for Prime Minister Imran Khan for one-on-one debate said he will expose all secrets of Naya Pakistan and asked Imran Khan to show who had sacrificed even half of me for PTI.

Addressing a press conference, he said that he had been working with the PM since 2011 and since then he had been trying to save from any sort of burden. “Imran Khan along with PTI leader Mahmood-ur-Rasheed visited my house in 2011 and told me to organize public rally, he said and added he organized the rally on his personal expense.

Aleem Khan said that estrange PTI leader Jahangir Khan Tareen has also helped the party from his resources. “I was a member of Punjab assembly during 2007 to 2018,” he said and asked Imran Khan why he sent him in NAB when he wanted to appoint Usman Buzdar as Punjab CM.

The disgruntled PTI leader went on to say that he supported the prime minister for Naya Pakistan and didn’t do any favour for anyone but played his part for the New Pakistan.

“I had a business in Lahore but even then I stood up against then government when it was not easy for a businessman to stand against the government,” he said.

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