Tuesday September 06, 2022

Alarming Rise In Dengue Virus In Karachi As 94 Cases Reported

Karachi: Alarming cases of dengue virus reported in Karachi as the metropolitan city is the most affected by the virus.

As many as 97 cases of dengue have been reported across Sindh in the last 24 hours out of which 94 belonged to Karachi.

District central of the mega city is the worst affected by the virus as 27 cases reported here. 26 in district east, 17 in district south, 9 reported in District Kemari, Districts Korangi and Malir reported two each.

On the other hand, two cases reported in Hyderabad and one in Larkana.

From start of the month till date 347 cases reported in Karachi while last month of August 1265 cases were reported

Moreover, 2, 822 cases were reported in Sindh during the current year.

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