Tuesday September 13, 2022

ADB Warns, Pakistan Is On High Risk With Respect To Natural Calamities

Islamabad: Asian Development Bank (ADB) has issued a report on the natural calamities in which it warned that Pakistan is on high risk with respect to natural calamities.

As per the report, devastation by floods is more than the earthquake in Pakistan while Pakistan annually faces a whopping loss of two billion dollars adding that an average of 863 people loss their lives annually in country.

Owing to destruction caused by the natural calamities of earthquake and floods the most people are marred by poverty,

Baluchistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Sindh, a large number of people are poor while the floods make already downtrodden people more downtrodden.

The ADB report furthered that there are limited number of insurance of crops in Pakistan. Only paltry 2, 27,000 farmers with respect to number of them crops are insured.

The report declared measures taken for tackling the natural calamities of floods and earthquake unsatisfactory.There is a need to extend disaster risk finance approach to prevent floods and earthquake.

It is pertinent to mention here that as many as 33 million people are affected by the recent floods.Apprixately two million houses and businesses detroyed.

As many as the roads measuring 7000 km flown in the flood water and 256 bridges were broken.

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