Friday July 08, 2022

30 Essential Goods Prices Turn Expensive Before Eid Ul Adha: Statistics Bureau

Islamabad: The annual inflation rate in the country reached on the highest place of 33.6 percent after an increase of 1. 3 percent on a weekly basis.

According to a weekly report issued by the federal bureau of Statistics, as many as 30 essential goods have turned more expensive as per the weekly report which included, petrol, LPG, hot spices , tea, potato, eggs, milk, rice, pulses, ghee and flour.

As per the weekly report, only five essential goods prices have decreased during the week which included tomatoes, onion, urad dal (mash ki dal) and banana.

Petrol got expensive in the week by 6. 36 percent, diesel 5. 06 percent while the LPG price by 2. 33 percent.

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